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The Writing Life

Like most writers, I have a love of reading and the power of words. When I was younger, I read everything I could get my hands on, but I don’t consider myself well read. I consumed books like a starved person, so quickly I hardly knew what I had read. By some strange process of osmosis, I learned from everything I read, but I cannot give you an erudite discussion of characters, plots, or authors. I can only tell you it’s lodged some where in the core of my being and informs my writing.

In addition to reading, I’ve spent a life time writing---from that first elementary school composition to my college days when I studied French literature and wrote explications de texte. Along the way, I fell into technical writing--to put food on the table and pay bills. In the 90s, I had the good fortune to take a dialog class with Sol Stein, former owner of Stein & Day publishers in New York and a prolific author. That led to his California-based writers’ group, Chapter One. It was a rigorous, ego-bruising experience, but I was intent on learning everything I could about fiction writing. A few years ago, I also had the good fortune to study with another writer, Louella Nelson, an experienced romance writer and teacher of fiction writing. She provided a different perspective and balance to my writing.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Women Are Dangerous

Christians, Jews, Muslims... No matter which religion you are talking about, ultraconservative factions within organized religions feel compelled to dominate women by segregating them, forcing them to dress in a certain manner, trying to control sexuality and reproductive rights, and by withholding basic civil rights. I am talking about the men who run these organizations and interpret God's will for the rest of us unenlightened souls. Woe to the woman who defies them. If you are not dragged by the hair back into your cave, you will be castigated as intellectually incompetent, morally corruptor simply the lowest life form in the universe. You become a silly, inconsequential joke in their eyes.

Why do so many men feel the need to control women? Are they afraid we might organize ourselves as Occupy the World and refuse to give birth to males? In an uncertain world, some insecure minds seek the certainty of order in their lives. They need to feel in control of the chaos. And who is most likely to turn their circumscribed world upside down? Every man's story has a woman who for better or worse has changed his life and there is nothing to be done about it. That's life. Power to the women. All my daughters are goddesses and their daughters will be too. They are well versed in turning the world upside down. They are dangerous and I love them for it.


  1. Sigh. That kind of "power to the women", "how dare you lousy, stinking men try to keep me from doing anything I want" is just the opposite form of the same discrimination you say you hate. Women don't own reproductive rights. We couldn't reproduce without men, it's not our arena alone and yes they do get a say.

  2. Men have always had a say. This topic is only about men who want to have all the say. Is it alright with you that an Israeli woman has to sit separate from men at the back of the bus? What about places that deny education to women? Or is your focus just reproductive rights? To that I would say the following. If I am raped, I will not accept being murdered by my male relatives because I have somehow brought shame to my family. Likewise, it is not acceptable that I can't have access to abortion in such a case. I have no desire to raise a criminal's child. Of course, I could decide otherwise, but it's my body and my decision. Also, women have the right to decide that they don't want children. Such women need access to birth control. I am in no way advocating for abortion, but in some cases it needs to be a necessary option. The men in their lives are not denied an opinion, but ultimately it is the woman's decision.

    There is no hate in what I have said. Women are powerful and women have rights.