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The Writing Life

Like most writers, I have a love of reading and the power of words. When I was younger, I read everything I could get my hands on, but I don’t consider myself well read. I consumed books like a starved person, so quickly I hardly knew what I had read. By some strange process of osmosis, I learned from everything I read, but I cannot give you an erudite discussion of characters, plots, or authors. I can only tell you it’s lodged some where in the core of my being and informs my writing.

In addition to reading, I’ve spent a life time writing---from that first elementary school composition to my college days when I studied French literature and wrote explications de texte. Along the way, I fell into technical writing--to put food on the table and pay bills. In the 90s, I had the good fortune to take a dialog class with Sol Stein, former owner of Stein & Day publishers in New York and a prolific author. That led to his California-based writers’ group, Chapter One. It was a rigorous, ego-bruising experience, but I was intent on learning everything I could about fiction writing. A few years ago, I also had the good fortune to study with another writer, Louella Nelson, an experienced romance writer and teacher of fiction writing. She provided a different perspective and balance to my writing.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ship of Fools

After dinner, I plop down in my easy chair in front of the TV. I can feel the indigestion coming on as I watch the paunchy, white-haired man rant. Next to him stands his dutiful wife with the blond helmet hairdo, not a human hair out of place. The man has been roundly defeated by his opponent in the Florida primary race, but he has not a modicum of grace to congratulate the victor. His ego is as bloated as his belly. He wobbles wildly in orbit around the moon. He spins so many lies that he has come to believe them himself and viciously accuses others of the sins he himself has committed over and over again. He is the ultimate fraud. When a man promises he will give you his life, his fortune and his sacred honor, you got to know he's lying.

I admit I also listened to the other clowns that have been inflicted upon us--the smarmy, cardboard, flip-flopper with beaucoup bucks who plans to buy his way to the presidency; the ultra-conservative with all his holy social issues and beliefs that he wants to jam down our throats; the crazy man who almost makes sense and who is at least honest, but has no hope of ever being president. A strong wind would blow his frail body away.

This is what we have been offered as presidential choices after they have winnowed out the even crazier people. We, the American people, must have done something grievous to deserve all this mediocrity.

I'll take my chances with the man who took out Osama bin Laden and who can channel Al Green.

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  1. You made me laugh - and that's quite a feat considering how unfunny is this cast of characters.