Technical writers or non fiction writers scribble to pay the bills and for the love of the analytical or the exercise of truth or deception.

Fiction authors write to illuminate their world or escape it.

Whichever kind of writer, it's all about staying alive and helping or entertaining others.

The Writing Life

Like most writers, I have a love of reading and the power of words. When I was younger, I read everything I could get my hands on, but I don’t consider myself well read. I consumed books like a starved person, so quickly I hardly knew what I had read. By some strange process of osmosis, I learned from everything I read, but I cannot give you an erudite discussion of characters, plots, or authors. I can only tell you it’s lodged some where in the core of my being and informs my writing.

In addition to reading, I’ve spent a life time writing---from that first elementary school composition to my college days when I studied French literature and wrote explications de texte. Along the way, I fell into technical writing--to put food on the table and pay bills. In the 90s, I had the good fortune to take a dialog class with Sol Stein, former owner of Stein & Day publishers in New York and a prolific author. That led to his California-based writers’ group, Chapter One. It was a rigorous, ego-bruising experience, but I was intent on learning everything I could about fiction writing. A few years ago, I also had the good fortune to study with another writer, Louella Nelson, an experienced romance writer and teacher of fiction writing. She provided a different perspective and balance to my writing.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

The Creative: Refilling the Well

I think of myself as a creative person. It's my obsession and it takes many forms. Writing, gardening, cooking, remodeling, and just about anything that falls under the arts & crafts category. My oldest daughter always complained that I seemed preoccuppied when she was growing up--in a trance might be a more accurate description. I was often rehearsing dialog and stories in my head or planning some creative endeavor. I am guilty, guilty, guilty. Given a choice between engaging in a conversation and doing something creative, I will often chose the creative option. It's what keeps me alive.

I know plenty of people who claim they have no creative interests or talents. Well, I'm sure they have many other interests that fill the gap--hobbies, sports, traveling, volunteer work, playing the horses. In other words, they have found things which have meaning for them and make their life more interesting and rewarding. For me, being creative is a necessity. It is what keeps me alive, but it's an energy that can get depleted. You have to feed it with new ideas and greater understanding. You can't keep going to the well without putting something back in.

I am planning an indulgent hiatus and taking a break from blogging, writing, gardening, landscape redesign, house repairs, preparing tax returns, and all the other things on my long to-do list. I am disappearing, disconnecting, and unraveling. I want to be untethered from my computer. I want to see if I can remember what it felt like to be unencumbered—to be in a different space, experience a different perspective. I want to refill that well.

So if you drop by my blog in the next couple of weeks and find me gone, I'm into the gap, refilling the well. I left you a great recipe for Apple Tarte Tatin that is to die for, but you need to have a Tarte Tatin dish (order one from Amazon and while you’re there download a copy of my new book, DREAMING OF LAUGHING HAWK.) I don’t know why I’m advocating being untethered from my computer. What would I do without Amazon? I am an avid Amazon shopper and, hey, they helped me publish my book.

Girls just want to have fun.

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  1. I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!