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The Writing Life

Like most writers, I have a love of reading and the power of words. When I was younger, I read everything I could get my hands on, but I don’t consider myself well read. I consumed books like a starved person, so quickly I hardly knew what I had read. By some strange process of osmosis, I learned from everything I read, but I cannot give you an erudite discussion of characters, plots, or authors. I can only tell you it’s lodged some where in the core of my being and informs my writing.

In addition to reading, I’ve spent a life time writing---from that first elementary school composition to my college days when I studied French literature and wrote explications de texte. Along the way, I fell into technical writing--to put food on the table and pay bills. In the 90s, I had the good fortune to take a dialog class with Sol Stein, former owner of Stein & Day publishers in New York and a prolific author. That led to his California-based writers’ group, Chapter One. It was a rigorous, ego-bruising experience, but I was intent on learning everything I could about fiction writing. A few years ago, I also had the good fortune to study with another writer, Louella Nelson, an experienced romance writer and teacher of fiction writing. She provided a different perspective and balance to my writing.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fools on the Hill: Characters You Love to Hate

The second coming. There is a cartoon in this morning's LA Times depicting Jesus appearing at a Tea Party caucus prayer group. They are shouting Hallelujah and exclaiming "Lord, Why have you come to us?" Jesus replies, "You all voted to cut food stamps for the poor? I thought you believed in me, not in Ayn Rand."

My take on this cartoon: at the point where Jesus protests their greed and mean-spiritedness, the tea party caucus would nail Jesus to the cross. AGAIN.

Our government is in shutdown and held for ransom for reasons no sane person understands. Our Congress is the laughing stock of the world and we, the people, in our shame, hold these jokers in contempt. Fiction writers dream up twisted characters, but today's politicians, particularly the extreme right Republicans, are beyond belief. They are corrupted by money and ideology. They are crude, abrasive, pompous, and arrogant. They push their nihilistic agenda while pleading that they represent the American people and values. Most of us recognize their hypocrisy, their wanton ignorance and perversion of the facts, their racism and greed. Most of all, we recognize that they care nothing about us and our democracy.

I try to imagine myself married or related to one of these men, these verbose, sleazy power brokers. My heart is in revolt; my writer's brain immediately begins plotting murder.

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  1. See how America will fall? It will go bankrupt and blame the poor who can no longer support the rich in their follies.